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GLASS FENCE.COM,   introducing

GLASS FENCE.COM, introducing


Hi Manfred,


The pool fence looks and is fantastic!

I hope Masterplan builders use you for all their pool fences from now on; I have highly recommended you.


With much appreciation



A Glass Fence with a difference!

A Bracket with a difference!

You have invested in a stunning new pool. You’ve taken time and effort to ensure the pool suits your location, lifestyle, and property. 

Now it is time to think about your fence. If you don’t want to ruin the pool and landscaping with an overbearing fence, use glass. has the double solution: a glass fence that is frameless and clamps that are bolt free.

. has the ultimate solution to your pool environment. A glass fence that is frameless and clamps that are bolt free and are mirror finished.


Each panel of glass is firmly attached by two beautiful clamps, very strong and very simple. The less you see our beautiful glassfence the more you enjoy your pool.


Much time and energy has gone into our MERGELOCKtm bracket and we are confident that we are providing the best product for the market at this time.


The simplicity of the bracket works well for the obvious and important safety issues around pool fencing. The simple MERGELOCKtm bracket gives a child no idea to even try and climb up on it.


It has a smooth, tiny top tapered edge that provides no foothold and the bracket is very small in relation to the size of the glass panel of the glassfence.


Between each glass panel is an elegant space, which is nothing really, but everything when it comes to leverage points for children to climb.


The practicality of MERGELOCKtm brackets works extremely well at installation, shortening installation time, minimizing error, and positively influencing the final price of your glassfence.


Contact us and we will support our product with success stories of people just like yourself who see every day that our glassfence and the MERGELOCKtm system is brilliant and simply works.


With the MERGELOCK system, you can avoid major costs, as the construction costs are minimized, there being no need for major preparations such as an in-ground channel.  

This offers you greater flexibility in the event of sudden late changes in the final layout (which is very common in pool and landscaping design).


To use the system, your slab can be of regular thickness so no reinforcing slab is required.

The fence can be installed when everything else is finished, allowing you to get a good understanding the layout before construction. 


These patent pending systems avoid unsightly bolts that detract from so many other layouts.

The MERGELOCK brackets are like individual works of art, made of the highest-grade polished stainless steel. They reflect the surrounding pool environment and so naturally blend in with your colour scheme. 

As the glass is elevated, water and debris flow freely underneath, scum won’t build up on the bottom, and the glass won’t get scratched during cleaning.



A MERGELOCK system allows you to take full advantage of your location, and it ensures there is no visual impediment, both within and beyond your living space, allowing for seamless integration of your home, entertainment area and pool.

The minimalist, unobtrusive style of the system is designed to enhance the overall look of the pool and entertainment environment.

The mounting surface can be sand stone, coloured tiles, or wood. It doesn't matter as the MERGELOCK brackets will always reflect their own mini-environment and so seem to disappear.

If you are looking for a stylish, safe and cost-effective solution to your fencing needs, call, the makers of MERGELOCK systems.


Hi Manfred,


I can't thank you enough for the fantastic pool fence.  The quality of the entire fence and the precision of installation is amazing.  I have never seen any other fence on the market that compares. 


As you know we were at the end of our building project when I contacted you for a quote.  

I must admit I was impressed with everything you advised and told me.  I could see that the merge lock brackets were truly unique and the quality looked and felt great.


I just really wanted to say what an absolute pleasure it has been to show off the quality of your workmanship. You have exceeded everyone's expectations and for that I am grateful!


Thanks again

Speak soon


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